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Asana and Pranayama tips

Asana - Pranayama Meditation

Asana & pranayama tips accompany us in our daily life. If you don´t move properly you can´t breath properly. Body movement with consciousness is fundamental to leverage and avoid injuries and to help our respiratory system to perform at its best. I hope they are useful to you! Happy reading and practice. 

Cold water therapy: 5 benefits of cold immersion

Unlike other practices, cold water therapy, also known as cold water immersion, can have numerous ph...

12 September 2023

meditation and calmness
4 dangerous mistakes to avoid while practicing Pranayama

Practicing Pranayama properly enhance in several cases your breathing system, your energie balance a...

12 September 2023

how to practice Ujjayi Breathing technique: Pranayama “Ocean breath” technique

Ujjayi Techniques is one Pranayama best practice and i would suggest it to people who are looking in...

29 May 2023

Master your Breathwork Techniques in 2023: Pranayama techniques to improve your breathe

During my classes or online session from home or at Memmo Baleeira, i teach Asana to client. I suppo...

29 May 2023

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